A Pretty Design Isn’t Necessarily the Right Design

28 February 2016 /

In the beginning, brands focused on their products. Nowadays, it’s all about their identity.

The evolution of brands is nothing novel. Just like everything in the world, they were exposed to change. Not so long ago, all a brand had to offer was its products and its services. Dragged by the upsurge of social media, today’s brands not only focus on showcasing their products and services but also on creating an identity, a persona, an image, and establishing their core values.

With brands flooding the world, standing out became their new and most significant obligation. They want customers to perceive them as appealing, to recognize their logo on the spot, and to earn their trust quickly.

Creative agencies, who harnessed the power of social media, attractive visualization, and luring language, prospered due to brands’ increased demands of creating a “culture.” And that is where design came in.

What constitutes a perfect design?

The notion of perfection is subjective, we know. Yet, there are indispensable elements that underline the process towards an excellent design.

The Brand’s Audience

When faced with a new brand, designers in a creative agency must keep in mind that the website is for the brand’s audience. Thus, every code, color, and illustration must satisfy the clientele.

A dilemma often presents itself to designers. They have worked assiduously on a visually appealing design for days, maybe sometimes weeks. However, the client doesn’t go for it. Why? Because clients don’t solely focus on beauty or appeal. They desire utility, effectiveness, and efficiency, as well.

Brand Branding

A design must stay true to its purpose. Since designers are creating an identity, it is of the utmost importance to have every design be loyal to its brand.

The audience’s ability to promptly recognize a brand is vital for the development of its community. Therefore, all the designs should be consistent in terms of colors and themes.

Page Load Speed

Sometimes, attractive designs contain loads of visuals, animations, and elements, and cause a page to load slowly.

Consequently, designers might need to drop their artistic designs in favor of more practical designs.

MindField’s dedication to creating the perfect design

Here at Mindfield, we aim to create attractive, interesting, and engaging designs.

Our team of professional designers isn’t only proficient in the most advanced design software, but also the latest design techniques. Their method begins by putting themselves in the audience’s shoes and understanding their needs and expectancies.

They know when to favor simplicity over complexity and when to opt for a clean design over a cluttered one, all while adding a massive dose of creativity to the mixture.