Make it, Don’t Fake it! An Uphill Battle for Gaining Organic Followers on Instagram

06 January 2020 /

Give yourself a break, they’re fake:

Have you ever felt like you just beat the odds? When it comes to gaining followers on Instagram, many individuals resort to the follow & unfollow method. It’s a 3-step method: follow a lot of people, hope that they’ll follow back, and unfollow them. A lot of individuals are too lazy, so they find an application to do it for them for free. Others resort to more benefits by buying followers. This is known as inorganic growth. Some may claim, “I don’t care! I gained more followers,” but the difference is that you are reaching a smaller audience while inhibiting your growth. In this case, “the more” isn’t the “merrier” because you’re hurting your credibility and your engagement.

Final words: Don’t be a phony, you’ll end up lonely:

Don’t panic, they’re organic:

Instagram is your playground. The only way you can enjoy it and make the most out of everything it has to offer is by following some of these techniques:

  1. Post consistently:

Followers are always waiting to connect with you. This connection is established through consistency and timelessness from the brand or the person they follow. It is also important to build a consistent image that corresponds with your objectives.

  1. Create great and effective content:

Find your target audience and make sure to use track performance tools. Follow what is causing the most traffic and what your audience wants. Also, never forget to keep up with the latest trends!

  1. Engage with your audience:

To engage with your audience, you have to make sure to like comments, respond to direct messages and answer any questions asked. You don’t have to answer everyone but stay as active as possible! Turn all your passive users into active loyal followers.

  1. Build a hashtag strategy:

Engagement is key. By following and using certain hashtags you can drive engagement on your posts. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags on a regular post, and up to 10 hashtags on a story. For every post, you need to find the right combination of boosting tags.

  1. Cross-promote your page:

The more attention you get on Instagram from other locations, the larger your reach and the more organic followers you’ll get. Drive your attention to other locations by linking your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. together.

Final words: The real deal is just being real.

Quality over quantity, but when you can have the best of both… why not! Start by adding one of the techniques and work your way up discovering what works best for you. You’ll make it eventually and faking it doesn’t have to make the cut.