Mindfield and the State of Digital Marketing and Advertising Today

22 March 2022 /

Is the pace of digital change showing a sign of slowing down? Mindfield Digital has been featured in ArabAd to tackle all that is up and coming in digital advertising!

The switch from traditional to digital marketing has taken the world by storm. Today’s digital landscape is rapidly evolving with the new consumer needs and is more personalized and optimized than ever. In the agency sector, people that are able to capitalize off of data, analytics, and technology have the upper hand. Access to digital marketing data is more advantageous for businesses today than traditional marketing. In this fast-paced day and age, trends have proven to be fickle, thus the need to always keep up.

The wall between the brand and the consumer has been shattered, and hyper-personalization has taken over, for the benefit of both parties involved. User experience has progressed with the introduction of interactive content and AR & VR games, facilitating the purchase of products. Blockchain technologies like NFTs have been catapulted into every type of media, and selling digital forms of items has become the standard. The digital world has become an imminent reality and is just gaining momentum. Thus, businesses have no choice but to keep up.

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