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Digital Consultancy aims to define a tight digital strategy that focuses on driving your key objectives. Raising your profile, boosting revenue, increasing efficiency, external auditing, reducing cost, training your staff or communicating better with your customers are only a few business priorities that are important for all companies, and to avoid spending a lot of money with little return you need a complex strategy.

Most of our clients come to us needing some direction and clarity in their digital marketing objectives, planning and execution.

Our digital consultants have experience in a wide variety of B2B and B2C industry contexts and experience in providing leading digital and creative solutions that deliver outstanding results. It is an invaluable service if you are not looking for a completely outsourced solution for your business, as it can help provide in-house team with direction and improve their performance.

Our Digital consultancy services include providing Strategy, Auditing, Workshops, and Training.


Digital Strategy

Need direction?

If you just need a quick one-to-one consultation on any aspect of digital marketing or a retainer-based consultancy package (from creating a Facebook ad through to a strategic board) then you can contact us.

When it comes to strategy we help brands define the new and refine the current. So whether you’re looking for greater strength to drive even better results, or some much needed assistance to make the hot topic ‘digital transformation’ become a reality, we have the skills and expertise to take you where you need to go.

You’ll find plenty of opportunity to learn from us on any consultancy project. We don’t hoard our trade secrets. We love to work alongside clients and incumbent agencies to improve digital aptitude and together find better digital solutions.

We work as trusted partner to b2b and b2c brands locally and globally, helping to create, develop and deliver successful (and sustainable) digital strategy.

Our team conducts extensive research from multiple data points that allows us to form a solid, evidence-based digital strategy focused on deliverables and clear road-mapping. Our experts assess the impact and effectiveness of your digital technologies and investigate what your competitors are doing well. Then our team identifies KPIs for further measurement and evaluation of the online strategy success, as well as for shaping and prioritizing solutions that will provide maximum impact and effectiveness to suit your budget, timings and internal resources. In order to verify we measure success by providing clear reports based on projected KPIs and actual KPIs, and re-assess via analytics

Digital Audit

Need an expert opinion?

The turn-key aspect with regards to achieving the maximum potential of any marketing media is through consultation on its direction and ability. Many companies have been using every asset at their disposal in combinations, all aiming to elevate the awareness of their target market and visibility of their website. Although they may be working harmoniously and believe they are capitalizing on their strengths, website consulting is almost always necessary. Companies usually do not have specialists in the fields of web usability, website layout and architecture, SEO, & SEO copywriting, and are therefore limited to specializing in one or two of the above.

To advance a website there are multiple facets to its growth and success. The initial aspect comes through gauging the performance and ability of a website. Such a gauge is rooted in on-site optimization that would allow for the website's true performance to be tested. There are four aspects to the performance assessment, beginning with a Web Audit, which includes an SEO Audit, a QA Audit, a UX Audit, & a UI Audit.

We’ll analyze your existing site for usability, conversion and overall performance to develop substantive recommendations that impact not just the amount of traffic coming into your site, but what those visitors do when they get there. We’ll help you with:

o Targeted content recommendations
o Conversion optimization
o Landing-page design
o Search engine optimization
o and more

We’re also the experts in web analytics, which allows us to prove the ROI of our web development services by giving you a crystal-clear picture of how your website and individual pages perform before and after we’ve made changes.

That Usability report provides the best analysis in attempting to develop long lasting relationships with repetitive clients. Upon completion of that phase, our Specialists provide the client with a website assessment report which provides a more in depth analysis. This assessment would cover all aspects, including the functionality of the website and its ability to produce tangible results. This would provide the framework to allow the upper limits of optimization to be incorporated whereby culminating in a Competitive analysis. Such an analysis would combine all the information into a cohesive action plan that when implemented would place a site ahead of its competitors, and provide a plan of action.

These three services promote and allow companies to properly formulate the strategies needed to gain the upper hand on their competitors. We specialize in website performance services and seek to upgrade our clients' website’s abilities that are otherwise hindering its growth and capability.

Digital Training

Want to broaden your current resource’s knowledge?

We offer a number of digital training courses, designed to instill confidence and knowledge in all things digital.

Our programs are designed to immerse, enable and empower all levels of management.

Our approach to training is interactive. It’s always designed so that you go back to the work place confident with your new digital skills and with actionable insights to improve your existing marketing practices.

We’re practitioners first which means that our training content is the absolute latest best practice from practitioners with a proven track record in the business and are brimming with contemporary examples of good practice.

We often follow up training sessions with a later workshop exploring how the new approaches have been implemented with a view to further enhancements and ideas for creativity.

Digital Workshops

Have the resources, but they are missing some expertise in a specific Topic?

As growth continues in digital media channels, your team needs digital expertise beyond the digital department or person. With in-house workshops, we will make you and your team more confident media professionals.

Whether you work on marketing, media sales, or agency side, we can help you achieve your digital goals. Our workshops and products are designed for media sales and marketing professionals, from beginners right through to more experienced industry professionals.

Our Digital Workshops are designed with your specific needs in mind and will instill a deep knowledge and understanding of digital.

They are a valuable tool for gaining stakeholder buy-in and can be used to accelerate planning and decision making around digital.

Each workshop will be tailored to your specific needs and will cover the positives and negatives of your current digital practices. The session can focus on the impartation of the latest know how or, at the other end of the spectrum we love to brainstorm and get our hands dirty with our clients coming up with creative ideas and digital solutions in a workshop format where we together tackle client problems in a creative hands-on approach.

Workshops are practical and interactive with an emphasis on highly effective “takeaways” for delegates to implement in the workplace.

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