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Ever checked your analytics and noticed that your visitors are leaving your application or website?

Did you know that you are losing potential customers due to something that could be improved?

Maybe you need a few tweaks or maybe a complete refurbishment.

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Today, you have realized that improving the end-user experience of your digital touch-points has a profound impact on your business. User experience encompasses the design of human-computer interaction, thereby creating an immersive experience and ultimately determining productivity, adoption and advocacy.

It makes the difference between you gaining a new customer or your competitors gaining a new customer.
As the gateway between users and your offering & as the sum of all online interactions users will have with your offering; we’ll make sure their experience is streamlined, easy and memorable.

We create products that are friendly, functional, and standards based. Our products have terrific user experiences and are aligned with your business’ goals and users’ expectations. We study your targeted demographics and their online behavior, and accordingly we illustrate through wireframes the user’s journey with an interactive prototype, ensuring that your conversion targets can be achieved.

Your project will need to be transformed into a product that people will love to use & actually complete a submission. We’ve helped hundreds of customers and millions of their users.

We’d love to be a part of your next project.

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For the sake of simplicity we are referring to the below digital services as “products” and user experience as “UX”:

– Website User Experience: Microsite, Informational, Online catalogue, e-commerce, Online tools, multi-lingual, geo-based, multi-store, online booking & reservation, events, etc..
– Mobile application User Experience: Internal-use, Public-use.
– Digital Activation User Experience: Social Portal, Competitions, Customized Blogs, etc…
– Campaign Landing page User Experience: Media Campaigns target support sites.
– Software User Experience: Internal application, POS based, ATMs, etc…
– Games User Experience: Web-based or Mobile applications.
– User Experience Audits: On existing or beta products.

Our UX services on the products would include but are not limited to:

– New Products
– Beta Products
– Live Products


Personal Study

Where we study the behavior and needs of the target market & identify interests & objectives in order to increase conversion rates. (Contact Submission, Request information, Register, Pre-order, Order, Customize, Buy, etc…).

Online Requirements Consultancy & Documentation

Where we propose functions, tools, enhancements to the product, key conversion metrics, etc... that you would like to invest in personally, as a company, or as from an investor’s view-point.

User Experience design

Where we translate all information gathered and everything we know about you into a wireframe (clickable screens that show how the users reach their target action/information). It is also where we identify the components & their hierarchy within the sections of the site, in two words… Information Architecture. The more complicated the processes within the product the more vital it is to complete the wireframes, or you will most probably be looking at an extended life cycle for a product to go live. People must be able to find the information they are looking for – fast. That means your product must be organized so it’s consistent, intuitive and reflects your goals. Our information architects UX designers are trained in organizing information into logical structures that make sense specifically to your users.
This requires knowledge of information science, psychology and business, among other areas. These skills are quite separate from the core skills that visual designers and developers usually have.

User Interface design

Where we analyze the designs for UX issues, deviations and propose potential enhancements to the design of the product.

Beta Development & Live Sites

Where we analyze the developed product for UX issues, deviations and propose possible enhancements.


Where we analyze the performance of the finished product and behavior of the audience after at least 6 months of being used to identify weak points that should be fine-tuned. This is an on-going process and needs to be completed periodically. Our experts will evaluate the overall experience of using your product drawing on their expertise and practical experience, as well as established best practices for different systems. You will receive a report with our findings and suggestions for how to improve your product.

UX Resource Outsourcing

Where we lease our UX resources to work on your specific digital development requirements for a duration we agree on. For larger scale projects, we can set you up with a dedicated team to work closely with your existing organization. The dedicated resources you hire will work as an extension of your organization and will adapt to your business’ culture, requirements and processes. So whether you want to make a study of your main audience groups, get consultation for a product, design wireframes, get an outsiders perspective in the form of an audit, or want to have your digital product reviewed for enhancements, then this service is for you.
We have various Packages based on 2 criteria:
o Resource location: On-site, or off-site.
o Retainer duration: Hourly, Daily, Monthly

Analysis of Use-Cases

Which provides a set of UX assets such as domain specific information architecture, personas, profiles, etc…. Use-cases need to be translated into UX that matches brand and demographics of the User Interface products being built. For instance when a website requests that you select a profile in order to proceed to a customized website built specifically for that profile, highlighting and showcasing items specifically for that profile’s interests. Ex: Bank sites showing a “Individual” and a “Business” section.

Lean UX

Which begins by integrating the best available information about the end customer to develop interaction flow, and wireframes. These designs are not static, and depend upon client feedback to develop into the final product. The entire process is managed under the agile development framework yielding high quality work.

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