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In the digital age where websites and e-commerce are part and parcel with company profitability and advancement, the right systems must be in place. Creating a website is a first step in capitalizing on this growing emerging market, however to take it to the next level, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are needed.
So, Why is SEO so important?

Everyone is searching for something that they need or want online; a service, information, a location, a product, an event, news, reviews, directory, entertainment, or an application.

If you have or provide any of these, then you want them to find yours. No?
SEO enables them to find you online.

You’re not the only one online, so let’s rank better than your competitors!

Let’s get a little bit techy, if it’s not magic then how does it work?

SEO services are systems in use that takes advantage of Paid Placement (PPC) as part of Search Engine Marketing, as well as on-page optimizations, Link building and Meta tag optimization, to insure websites achieve their full potential. Our SEO services help to ensure that a company’s website is visible to the clientele, when they are searching for what your company offers.
With companies increasing their online presences and competitive strength in design and application, the need for search engine optimization has become a founding pillar in productive online commerce. In doing so, a company can capitalize on the marketability of a product through their site and increase their competitive edge.

SEO has been broadening companies’ horizons who seek to advance their stature among competitors and allow them to be the most talked about and known leaders in their field. The strength of such a marketing solution is in fact the main reason that many companies are pursuing this form of marketing, and this is due to its ability to reach consumers with the valued information regardless of their location.

SEO works with major search engines to benefit from increasing websites popularity and at the same time incurs lower costs. The long term benefit of such a system is indispensable to a company marketing its’ offerings. Many companies have in fact raised their bottom line simply by placing well-formed informative websites, that coupled with being properly applied in SEO, have resulted in a sales advantage. This system walks hand in hand with Search Engine Marketing, producing a powerhouse sales system that has produced viable results in both the Middle East and worldwide. According to our clients target market we can offer them Middle East SEO, coupled with Multilingual SEO which will give them not only local, but regional visibility; or if they want to go global with targeted keywords, Global Submissions, international link Building, and Multilingual SEO.


Link Building

Link building services are an integral part of generating additional flow to a website. When it comes to search engines such as Google, systems are in place to allow the popularity of a website to factor into the search result and the website listing. Links building can be beneficial through a system of quality allowing a website to be more influential to a business.
In Lebanon link building services by professionals like M Digital are highly productive. The company uses practices to maximize links to your site with regard to the quality of the links involved, and avoids spamming links. Most search engines such as Google do not increase a company’s ranking based solely on numbers as they do not indicate real ‘popularity’, the higher the link quality, the better the rank.
To pursue a wider range of visitors Directory submission is considered essential. It’s a technique to optimize your keywords. The submissions attract the people that are looking for a specific service, and find their way to your website set up by M Digital, the inbound traffic to your site frequently become clients. The added bonus is that not only a lead, but also boosts your ranking within search engines due to how ‘popular’ your site is becoming.
The best boost in creating quality links can be found through a Social bookmarking submission. Capitalizing on M Digitals’ advanced social media connections allow such submissions of similar interests to connect to your website. By doing so, we help you enhance your company image, and assist you in generating more leads. M Digital follows this process by regularly measuring the performance, and adjusts as needed. In Lebanon social media is the future, after all one in every 3.5 Lebanese is on Facebook. More than 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook, and we boost your visibility through it. Twitter also has 5,000 new accounts being opened in Lebanon monthly. We enhance ranking on Google+ with them, as it is the fastest growing social network. There are more than a 100,000 Lebanese users on Twitter, and Social Media Ad Revenue will reach 13 billion in 2013. Every company would like a piece of that pie.
Such connections add to the traffic that the website receives, and invariably through an optimized system, increase the frequency of their return and potential and profitable clientele. To add to the increase articles are needed to back it. Article submission systems are in place that seeks to advance a websites attraction. Through the use of creative language, articles attract readers. That creativity inevitably allows the site to evolve more in-bound links to the website.
Forum submissions also increase the visibility of various websites by postings on related subject matters and allow clients to view information regarding resources, products and services, or leisure. They find their way to websites that augment such categories. We have a dedicated expert staff in the field of submissions, therefore their submissions place higher on search engine rankings.
With an ever changing market, another situation has come to light and been displayed prominently. Arabic SEO is considered to be the rising star in business optimization. Arabic as a base language and the emerging markets within the Middle East use it. Taking advantage of it, Arabic forum submission is at the forefront of advancement. We connect companies through such forums to many potential clients. Since Arabic search engines are relatively new, it is also a great medium to advance a website’s ranking.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is perhaps the least appreciated and most indispensable system when it comes to producing profitable companies. Lebanon lies at the hub of the new growing market in on-line endeavors and online marketing Lebanon has been boosted with a significant rise in availability, within its various services offered. Almost all businesses have a marketing budget that allows them to reach numerous clients, and now they have expanded their reach to include the on-line world. Therefore the Internet marketing Lebanon phenomenon has given rise to websites that emphasize creating marketing leads boosting standards. We combine our expertise in marketing, as well as our SEO and web development teams in executing an online marketing plan. Through campaigning on numerous on-line search engines and web development sites in order to place our clients a cut above the rest.
We use online marketing systems and strategies like Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to allow more traffic to reach a website and produce more visibility that inevitably boosts the sales margin of a company. Many companies hire professional marketing companies such as ours to focus on improving their development and visibility.
Through such a system, products are easily accessible, appeal to the consumer, and advance the companies visibility and standard of success. We research what types of media, topics and channels both customers and those who influence customers prefer. With that knowledge, we develop a content mix and corresponding optimization effort. So many marketers are caught up in specific tactics, they lose sight of the target audience they’re after in favor of the crack-like effect of pumping out “a viral video”, another info-graphic or contest to attract more fans, friends and followers, but not at M Digital. We focus on the role of content and human experience combining it to meet both the objectives of the consumer and the company. Once those are understood, then the keyword optimization and social networking tactics are defined. We apply that approach to connecting customers with company website content and experiences, in a way that motivates consumers to action with regards to buying, referring, or sharing.

PPC Campaigning

The other side of the coin in realizing the true potential of a marketing strategy is pay per click management services. Websites are always trying to place themselves above their competitors as more viable options to their clients. The foundation of PPC Services lies in extensive website analysis that we embark on when marketing a website. Our team analyzes the company’s business model, and their long term investment goals. That information, in turn, focuses the website on a specific genre, and locates the potential competition. Once those avenues of information are known, a strategy is created with the purpose of boosting the website’s ability to generate traffic, and sales. Within this SEM plan, keywords are at the heart of it. Key words and phrases are extensively analyzed to make sure they are designed to reach the target audience, and constantly maintained as part of PPC management services. Part and parcel of that management service is to also generate PPC advertising that uses those key words and phrases in an appealing way to guide the client into realizing that the product and service are in fact essential to their way of life.
Bringing in this traffic has been known to be a highly competitive market, and as such bids are made. In this regard there is usually a budget which developers maintain on a daily basis, while remaining within the set budget companies place to maximize their value. PPC bid management is considered essential and is monitored daily to be able to modify the bid with regard to keywords as they fluctuate, yet remain firmly within the budget. A company’s profit margin is always the top priority. Such a system allows the PPC advertising management to fully capitalize on guiding website businesses to their fruition.
Looking at keyword building and website analysis, coupled with research, management, and reporting a complete business profile emerges. Combining the parts of the machine create the PPC campaign management system, boosts a business to reach each of their clients, and retains them as well informed members

Multilingual SEO

The world as we all know is less than uniform in its use of languages, and yet we live in a global economy. Businesses would like to reach consumers across many divides, and perhaps the most debilitating is the divide of language. A solution lies in numerous search engines that have popped up in countries that use their native language. Websites have advanced to also include a new sector that is comprehensive in adapting to that environment and that is the Multilingual SEO initiatives. The most popular language may not be English which can come as a surprise. Our web developers have come to see whole website translations into languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, and Arabic, as integral parts of Multilingual search engine optimization. Due to the explosion of populations in those marketing areas, and their use of their native tongues, we provides the solution.
Our development staff have taken into account that multilingual search engine optimization services are purely beneficial to any company seeking to make an imprint on the business world. Whether that would be within the Middle East, across the marble walkways of Europe, through the trails of Africa, or down the cobbled streets of Spain, every business seeks to lead their company into the future, and Multilingual SEO can take them there.

SEO Reports

To be able to get a well-rounded 360 degree view of a product’s capability, reporting is considered essential. When you invest in a product you almost always want to know how you measure against your competitors and work on ways to outperform them.
The most sought after report is the SEO Audit conducted in order to review the current state of your product and is the foundation of our SEO strategy. The SEO Audit will provide insights on the performance of the product; in terms of visibility, code, structure, urls, content, & recommendations to further enhance your product.
Many products are operational, and are able to communicate information; but there is a difference between creating a website, and being motivated to converting it into a marketing powerhouse in terms of generating traffic and return on your investment through consumer driven sales.

The Competitor Analysis Report uses rankings, tags, and keywords as metrics through which we are able to study the market and monitor your competitors. The purpose of this report is to identify potential previously untapped markets as well as extend the reach of your product by making your product stand out.
Proper reporting can provide insights by identifying & forecasting your market’s needs and wants allowing you to adapt to them, instead of finding yourself lagging behind in the rank race.
Like all marketing methods it is an on-going process to stay ahead of your competitors who are also attempting to also raise keywords, rankings, and tags, which inevitably raise their margins.

Combined together these reports allow you to make an informed decision with regards to the marketing capability of your product.

SEO Packages

The internet is the most referred to data source at present time. With the consumer funnel no longer being restricted to offline or online in making a purchase, it is extremely important for brands to be discoverable at any point of the purchase funnel.
A user friendly website with clear designs is only half the work; the website needs to also rank organically high on search engines – at the moment where users are comparing services before they take action – so that the respective brand is portrayed as trustworthy, relevant and knowledgeable.
So what is the standard user behavior? And what determines the success of the keyword’s selection (and by extension the strategy) a brand should invest in to come on top of the Rank Battle?
For every investment you want to be able to analyze whether or not your strategy is working or if it needs to be adapted. Below are a list of key metrics we monitor for:
o Keyword Opportunity: analyzes the possibility for improvement for search rankings by comparing current rankings to Google's estimated search traffic volume and competition rating.
o SEO Traffic: Measures the number of visits to the website from organic or paid search traffic over time.
o Landing Page Performance Optimization: Measures conversion rate vs bounce rate.
o SEO Visibility: Comparison of SEO visibility by period to evaluate effectiveness of SEO efforts.
o Organic Search Traffic: Measures overtime the unique visitors generated from organic search.
o Domain Authority: Measures the trust factor related to your website based n the number of back links to your domain to assess the effectiveness of Link-Building efforts.
o Keyword Click-Through-Rate (CTR) Measures the generation of a “click” from Search Engine results Page (SERP).
o Link Building Metrics: Report how the process of acquiring hyperlinks form other websites to your own.
o SEO Keyword Ranking: Measure SEO keyword ranking, and analyzes changes in ranking over time, in relation with which url is ranked for that keyword.

So now that you know how vital SEO is and how we measure and analyse the success of the strategy; you are probably wondering how you begin.
Well below is a simplified flow chart so you know what to expect

Everyone ventures into producing a digital product with an eye on the bottom line, and in partnering with M Digital as the product evolves so will our SEO Services.
What results can you expect from an annual plan?

pass up an opportunity to pursue such an endeavor. Such moves frequently aid your competitors in maximizing their margins. Even if a business is local, you can benefit from website development which would reach your clientele unhindered by location. As your business expands, packages evolve to regional, with added keywords and link generation, to global with an entire media campaign. We understand every business has different requirements, and is looking for very specific avenues in which to venture into. Therefore our packages are characterized by keyword limits, directory posting frequency, submissions frequency, & Report Types for you to be able to reach your audience in your city, the Middle East, or the world.
Our SEO packages prices are molded to suit a majority of your needs.

We have formulated the below packages, but in order to serve everyone in some or another we have Tailored Packages where we provide recommendations for a Tailored starter package.

In case you are interested to see how we can collaborate with you, the next step is to get in contact with us so that we may consult you, or if you already know everything about SEO and understand its importance then we can serve you as Auditors, the same way your accounting department has an annual audit your website should be audited to provide insights on what your next steps should be.

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