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Quality Assurance (QA) has recently gained a lot of importance in the field of product development, and rightly so. In the past, QA was only approached prior to the launch or delivery of the products to the customer. Nowadays, all corporations recognize the importance of having a correct and robust QA process to achieve product quality, customer satisfaction, and cost savings.

However, implementing a robust QA process requires lots of resources, effort, and experience

Here is where we come into the picture!

Our specialized team of skilled QA testers provide a full range of quality assurance services (QA), including requirements analysis, Test planning, Test execution, Reporting and control of the development processes.

Through our experienced team of QA Testers, we help our clients overcome the challenges of QA, and help our clients enhance their productivity, reduce their costs, and reduce their time to release as well as increasing the confidence in their products.


Functional Testing

It will be completed upon the finalization of each phase and at the end of the project to ensure that it is bug free and all scenarios covered in the specification & requirements are running correctly.

Compatibility Testing

It will be targeted to ensure full Product functionality.
Browsers included are:
o Latest version of Edge
o Latest version of Firefox
o Latest version of Safari
o Latest version of Chrome
o Latest version of Internet Explorer

Link Testing

To ensure all links are working properly (Outgoing, Internal, Anchor, Mail to).

Form Testing

To ensure the below are completed correctly and are up to standards.
o Scripting checks on the form are working as expected. For example- if a user does not fill a mandatory field in a form an error message is shown.
o A Check if default values are being populated.
o Once submitted, the data in the forms is submitted to a live database or is linked to a working email address
o Forms are optimally formatted for better readability

Cookie Testing

To ensure the below are correctly configured:
o Testing cookies (sessions) are deleted either when cache is cleared or when they reach their expiry.
o Delete cookies (sessions) and test that login credentials are asked for when you next visit the site.

HTML & CSS Testing

We consider the following scenarios in our tests:
o Checking for Syntax Errors
o Readable Color Schemas
o Standard Compliance. Ensure standards such W3C, OASIS, IETF, ISO, ECMA, or WS-I are followed.
o Browser Type & Screen resolution
o Window size (whether or not the browser is maximized / if any browser-based toolbars are active)

Usability Testing

It will be done both upon the completion of each phase, and at the end of the project to ensure the project is user friendly by having a focus group test it as well as the analysis of the findings with the UX Specialists.

Performance Testing

It will be done upon the completion of the whole project to ensure that the Product renders with optimal speed.
o Product response times at different connection speeds
o Load test the product to determine its behavior under normal and peak loads
o Stress test your web site to determine its break point when pushed to beyond normal loads at peak time.
o Test if a crash occurs due to peak load, how does the site recover from such an event
o Make sure optimization techniques like gzip compression, browser and server side cache enabled to reduce load times

Security Testing

To ensure the product provides security for its users:
o Test unauthorized access to secure pages should not be permitted
o Restricted files should not be downloadable without appropriate access
o Check sessions are automatically killed after prolonged user inactivity
o On use of SSL certificates, Product should re-direct to encrypted SSL pages.

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