The Royal Rumble of Brands Ft. Influencers

07 March 2016 /

The internet has turned into a Royal Rumble wrestling match. Brands are finding it increasingly difficult to get attention on the internet and are fighting to stay in the game. Every brand, big or small, is making a tremendous amount of noise in the online world. However, it is time for a secret move. It is the high time for brands to recognize the importance of influencers and how they can be used as marketing tools to facilitate growth.

A lot of our buying decisions are made based on advice from our peers. Why? Because we trust that they’ll give us authentic opinions. Influencers are real-life consumers characterized by having a large, loyal, and dedicated audience because of their in-depth knowledge and trust in a specific industry. This trust is able to “influence” their audience to take desired actions towards products or services from the brands they promote.

Finding the right influencer

Not all influencers are a good fit for your brand! It is important to search for a popular and relevant influencer within your niche. Before collaborating with the said influencer, it is crucial that their public persona aligns with the brand’s ethos and core values. Once everything is in order, you can work with the influencer to create a buzz around your brand.

How a brand can leverage influencers on social media

1. Promo codes for products/services.

2. Using Hashtags to gain engagement.

3. Involving influencers in a campaign.

4. Making them a Brand Ambassador by promoting or endorsing the brand through giveaways, contests, etc.

Benefits of using influencers as a marketing tool

Strengthen your brand’s reputation through greater visibility:

Influencers have the power to boost awareness and increase brand exposure with their massive reach. When influencers endorse your brand, their followers are more likely to take action. Collaborating with influencers can help you cut through the noise in the online world.

that corresponds with your objectives.

Increased audience engagement:

Quality over quantity. Having a million followers is meaningless in the absence of high engagement levels. By working with influencers your content will become more user-centric, which will lead to an increase in the number of likes and comments on your social media posts. Followers are more likely to share and interact with the content, thus further increasing its reach.

Increased conversions by improving search engine rankings:

The quality of your content improves when you work with influencers because more organic traffic is being driven to your brand. The audience is more likely to share and engage with the content, paving the way for the brand to move up the search engine rankings.

The digital world continues to grow and influencers have found a way to harness the power of social media. However, brands NEED to adapt! Influencers are a secret weapon that brands can use to enter this world.